Jason Butler, PhD (PSY 26442)

Licensed Clinical Psychologist



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As a psychotherapist, my style involves careful listening and direct communication about your struggles. We work together to create a mutual understanding of the patterns that play out in your relationships, your emotional life, your dreams, and your place in the world.

My central aim is to provide a deeply safe environment for emotional exploration and help my clients access the inner resources that facilitate healing. For example, clients learn to identify when they are dissociating from their emotional experience and to reengage their inner process, which allows opportunities to learn from experiences and build emotional intelligence. Overtime clients transform previously painful aspects of their experience into bearable and meaningful features of who they have come to be. With this transformation, clients often identify ways in which their difficult experiences have shaped some of their most valued psychological resources and capacities.

I specialize in working with attachment issues and developmental trauma, depression, anxiety, behavioral and substance addictions, and sexuality. I have experience working with LGBTIQA+ individuals. I offer a holistic approach that addresses individual, familial, and cultural/systemic, and spiritual dimensions of experience. I have a strong background in dream work and hold close to a faith in the healing that occurs when patient attention is afforded to the depths of experience. My passion for this work stems from helping people inhabit their life in a more embodied and meaningful way.

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Choosing the right therapist is an important decision. To assist the process I offer a free phone consultation, which gives us an opportunity to see if I may be able to help you.

Contact info:

430 40th street

Oakland, CA